STRANGE BEAUTY: Orquid Explosion at Expo 2015 in Santo Domingo, D.R.

It’s a very nice thing to be in a country that is famous for the world’s most exotically beautiful flowers.There are more than 300 varieties of orchids on the island of Hispaniola, and the members of the Sociedad Dominicana de Orquideología are fiercely passionate about all of them. I know: I spent an evening with the members on the launch night of EXPO 2015. REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA: HÁBITAT DE ORQUÍDEAS that took place March 12-15th at the National Botanical Garden in Santo Domingo, here in the Dominican Republic. The beauty of orchids is truly mesmerizing when they achieve full bloom. I never imagined all the various brilliant forms they grow into. My aunt Minerva, a member of the Society since 1983, passed me some really great guides that detailed all the various species of orchids for me. I have to be honest, I’m still combing through those tomes. Hopefully, these pictures below will give you some idea of their great beauty.

orquida-040orquida-043orquida-034orquida-038orquida-024orquida-031orquida-013orquida-011orquida-009orquida-016orquida-015orquida-020orquida-001orquida-005orquida-010orquida-002orchida-039orquida-048orquida-037orquida-033orquida-023orquida-017orquida-007orquida-026orquida-036 orquida-032

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